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Celebrating       Years!

"Beautiful Like ME!" is a wonderful tool to show all of us the wonder that we are...Kimberly Brown has done a great service to recognize little girls' need to mirror themselves and accept the beauty within"

-Nikki Giovanni, world-renowned poet

(from foreword)




Written and illustrated by:


 Kimberly Cheri Brown,

foreword by Nikki Giovanni.


“Beautiful Like ME!” is a children’s self help book that focuses on self esteem, cultural sensitivity through an educational lens. The book features 10 characters with names and hobbies native to their homelands.  The reader is encouraged to explore self while celebrating others.


"Beautiful Like ME!" was created to introduce various customs and cultures in a non-threatening, yet entertaining way.  "Beautiful Like ME!" products have benefited families, schools, churches and youth organizations throughout many communities.


For children ages 5-13.

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Beautiful Like ME! Multicultural Coloring & Activity Book, $9.99

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 Multicultural Crayons

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"My children really loved the book--even the boys! I'm ordering more for my nieces and nephews."

-Vanessa Goodyear, parent, Nashville, TN

"We would like to make this curriculum part of our Resource Library.  There are many program directors that would be interested in this subject matter."

-Leanne Gluck, Girls Scouts USA Headquarters, New York, NY

"I really love it.  I've already colored two pages.  I went online to look for Zauditu in Ethiopia.  It was fun!"

-Jayla Hall, age 7, Zachary, LA

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