Historically undervalued, creativity is fast becoming a desired quality of organizations who want to remain competitive in an ever-changing  marketplace.  Generational gaps, cultural and social shifts require fresh perspectives on addressing age-old issues such as quality of life, personal and relational growth.  Solutions to social ills such as racism and prejudice, crime and poverty must be met with radical tools that are innovative and long lasting.​

With over 15-years experience, Kimberly has worked with small and mid-sized businesses to streamline systems, develop effective marketing tools and enhance public relations. She has developed an affinity for integrating the arts into the existing healthcare systems. To that end, academic institutions, healthcare organizations and hospitals and nonprofit organizations have benefited from Kimberly's skill sets and expertise to include fundraising, event management, product research and development and expansive  networking.


Kimberly continues to  align with organizations committed to improving mental, physical and emotional health.  She has served on advisory boards and has volunteered time/services to a number of community organizations.

Kimberly is an author and consultant with an extensive background in holistic health with an emphasis on mental health and financial literacy.

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"After this session with Kimberly, my desire to be great has drastically increased. Talking to her adds color to my grey vision."


"This is so



I am loving

the sessions!"


" I normally am very reluctant in discussing my issues but you were such a good listener and you made some points that I never thought of.  I look forward to changes and will even implement some of your suggestions."


​To Kimberly, creativity is like breathing; natural. 
 She has paired this gift with other innate abilities to create products and services that are multi-sensory, provocative and person centered.  
Kimberly's entire working career has been dedicated to innovatively linking people and resources. 

"I think everything about me makes me beautiful.  I wish I could share ["Beautiful Like ME!"] with my friends so they feel better about themselves too."                                      -Nicole

-Steve Jobs

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.”